An Explanation:

Weasel McPuppy is a real dog, and the posts below are real letters sent from her to celebrities via snail mail. A self-addressed stamped envelope was included with each letter to encourage a reply. If and when Weasel receives a response, the post will be updated with the full correspondence.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To Sally Field

Dear Ms. Field,

It's true that if mommies ruled the world, there would be no gol' durn wars; but there would also be a lot more talk about ailing relatives that you can't remember having ever met. Is that really what you want?

Your friend,

Weasel McPuppy

P.S. - There would also be no shortage of guilt.

P.P.S. - I've enclosed my picture. Please send me your picture, because I like you. I really like you.

The Reply:

To Weasel McPuppy--


Sally Field

A Note From Weasel Regarding the Reply:

Thanks, Ms. Field. Mommies like you rule my world!