An Explanation:

Weasel McPuppy is a real dog, and the posts below are real letters sent from her to celebrities via snail mail. A self-addressed stamped envelope was included with each letter to encourage a reply. If and when Weasel receives a response, the post will be updated with the full correspondence.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

To Dick Van Dyke

Dear Mr. Van Dyke,

I would strongly suggest that you avoid ottomans in the future; 'cause at your age you could break a hip.

Your friend,

Weasel McPuppy

P.S. - I've enclosed my picture. Please send me your picture. It's the least you can do, because I had nightmares after watching the show where you lost your thumbs (and I don't even have thumbs).

The Reply:

Hi Weasel!

God Bless,

Dick Van Dyke

A Note From Weasel Regarding The Reply:

Thank you, Mr. Van Dyke. You'll be glad to know that I no longer have nightmares about you losing your thumbs. Now I have nightmares about a flying saucer that says "Uhny Uftz!"


Anonymous said...

This website is GREAT. What a great idea for sending to celebs. I laughed at almost every letter that you wrote. Very clever on the comments. I will have to favorite this site and watch for new responses to come in...

Weasel McPuppy needs a late night talk show!!!

Weasel McPuppy said...

Thank you for your kind words, but I think I'll pass on the late night talk show. I don't think I should stay up that late, because I'm still a little girl.