An Explanation:

Weasel McPuppy is a real dog, and the posts below are real letters sent from her to celebrities via snail mail. A self-addressed stamped envelope was included with each letter to encourage a reply. If and when Weasel receives a response, the post will be updated with the full correspondence.

Monday, December 8, 2008

To Billy Bob Thornton

Dear Bad Santa,

I got bupkis from the real Santa Claus last year, so this year I'm writing you. Please leave a bottle of gin in my stocking. I've been a very good girl this year, so I think I deserve the good stuff.

Happy Holidays,

Weasel McPuppy

P.S. - I'd also like a Fraggle Stick Car.

P.P.S. - If you end up drinkin' the gin yourself, at least send me your picture. I've enclosed my picture.